Questions To Ask Real Estate Agents

08 Apr

Many people usually do not know the right questions to ask a real estate agent or even how to ask the questions when they first approach them. This is because they are used to traditional job interviews where the employer is the one asking the questions while they are stuck trying to figure out the most appropriate answers that the interviewer wants to hear so that they can land the job at hand. In the case of interviewing a real estate broker, the process is typically different. You have to make the right decision when choosing a real estate broker because a house is one of the largest purchases for most people. There are therefore important questions to ask a real estate broker before hiring one.

One of the questions to ask a real estate broker is whether they have a specific marketing plan to facilitate the sale of your home and their overall pricing plan. You should ask the agent if they have reviews and testimonials of past clients who have sold their homes through the agent in the past. This is essential to enable you to know the success rate of the agent. Questions whether the real estate agent has the relevant strategy, experience and skills to negotiate successfully with potential buyers of your home on your behalf should be asked. This will enable you to gauge the possibility of your home being sold within the shortest time possible.

Ask BrokerBreakUp if they utilize professional photography to facilitate promotion of the house to be sold. Many potential buyers will begin their search of homes on the internet; therefore if the agent uses professional photography, it will mean that your home to be sold will be viewed by numerous potential buyers. You should also ask the real estate agent if they work solo or have hired a team of professionals to work with them and assist in the quick sale of your home. 

You should remember to ask the agent for their results through statistics over the past years they have been selling houses. Several important statistics need to be considered here. Find out the listing-to-sale ratio of the agents. For example, the number of houses they have failed to sell. The agent’s list-to-price ratio should also be asked. This listing compares the final sale price of the house to the price the agent had set. Apart from that, ask the agents the number of houses they have sold throughout their entire career. You can visit this website to learn more.

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